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Mike Sohm

Here at Magnus Outdoor Products are priorities are the quality of our product and the quality of our customer service and to provide you – the customer – with top-quality gear, excellent customer service, and a diverse line of products. We believe our products will make your hunting adventures the best they can be.

We are the leader of Cut on Contact broadheads and we produce one of the most reliable and deadliest broadheads in the archery industry, like all good manufacturers, the best move is to expand our product line to meet our customers needs,  in a effort to further address the needs of the archer we have added a range of  products you will see on our website.

 Magnus products offer superior quality, outstanding performance, versatility, and that means you can focus on what is important, your hunt!

Thank you for your business and Good Luck Hunting!!

Mike Sohm
Magnus Outdoor Products

Mike Sohm Mike Sohm Mike Sohm