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Joe Brooks

Joe lives in northwest Ohio and has been chasing whitetails along the Michigan-Ohio border for the past thirty years with hundreds of deer to his credit. Joe specializes in hunting giant whitetails in high pressure areas close to populated and hard-hunted suburban America. He is the author of a best selling deer hunting book titled "YEAR-ROUND TROPHY WHITETAILS".

Joe has launched a semi-live HD on-line deer hunting show called MAN vs. WHITETAIL. Please visit him at www.manvswhitetail.com.

Joe Brooks worked as a power company lineman for twenty years, and for the past ten years at Cabela's in Dundee Michigan. He has a degree in Wildlife Management, owns his own publishing company, has a clothing line, writes articles and product reviews for American-Hunter.com, and is a leasing agent in Ohio and Michigan for Base Camp Leasing (www.basecampleasing.com).

When not hunting monster bucks, Joe does seminars on whitetails, consults on whitetail management for landowners and hunters, and works for great causes like Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Joe is on pro-staff for Raven Wear, Ameristep, PSE Archery, Tactical Archery Systems, Mapping The Outdoors and especially Magnus Broadheads, just to name a few.

Joe says "None of this would be possible without the support of my beautiful wife Pat. She gives me great latitude to spend the time chasing those elusive trophy whitetails, with never a complaint about the many hours I spend in a tree stand or helping others." With that being said, what Joe enjoys most is when he can teach someone even just one little tactic that can help that person take his or her first, or next, giant whitetail buck!!

Finally, Joe quotes "For complete bone crushing pass-throughs and massive blood trails on even the largest bucks, I rely on the sharpest, best designed, most perfectly tuned and best flying broadheads on the market.....MAGNUS!!!!"


Ty Weaver

Ty started shooting a bow when he was two. Today, he is of the ripe old age of fifteen.Ty holds several TGR bow hunting World Records, although he won't mention it to you.

Ty has a great hunting carrer ahead of him. He is fortunate enough to have already hunted in three different countries, Canada, Africa, and Texas but his favorite part about hunting is spending time with his family.

His most prized bow kills are; African Lion, Canadian Black Bear, and a Gray Fox in Texas!

Ty enjoys filming for bowtube.com and writing for Junior Shooters Magazine. His dream is to some day have his own outdoor show!

Ty’s favorite quote; “Every kid is waiting to be invited outdoors, Ask them!”


Mark Rohlfing

Mark grew up in Minnesota where the high-pressure shotgun deer season pushed him to start bow-hunting. The challenge, adrenaline rush, and opportunity to hunt relaxed animals has kept Mark bow-hunting for 15 years and counting. Mark works for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in South Dakota. When not scouting or hunting himself, Mark enjoys showing younger kids the outdoors, as well as hiking, and doing anything to keep in shape for high-mountain elk hunts.


Derek Craig

With no family hunting heritage to build upon, Derek paved his own way at becoming a successful outdoorsman. With the usual start through gun hunting for whitetail deer, by the time he was in his late 20's the world of bow hunting seemed like the next logical step. After that first purchase of a new bow, his interest for archery and bow hunting snow balled into an obsession.

While enjoying reasonable success as a bow hunter for big game animals, Derek realized that the real challenge would be wild turkeys with archery gear, so he put away the 12 ga. and picked up the bow. After a few successful and unsuccessful body shot hunts, his focus turned to something more effective. Since then the Magnus Bullhead has been his head of choice when it comes to chasing spring turkeys.

Derek's passion for hunting goes well beyond turkey and deer. He also enjoys hog hunting in Florida and Texas, bear hunting in Canada, or bow hunting massive carp. In addition, he is an avid waterfowl hunter, spending 60+ days a year hunting Canada geese and ducks. Derek can almost always be found hunting some game animal nearly year round.

Derek is involved on a local level with various conservation organizations at a local level including Delta Waterfowl and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Videography has become an obsession for Derek as well. He currently owns and operates New Day Outdoor Productions where he focuses on capturing hunting related video in a true format with no fake scenes, or fancy edits. Derek's day job is being an owner of an Engineering and Fabrication company in Angola, Indiana. Derek is a licensed Professional Engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Derek has two young daughters and a wife of 15 years. Together, they live just outside of Ashley, Indiana.


Dr. Don Massa

Dr. Don Massa has been hunting and fishing for over 30 years.  Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Don's access to the outdoors was literally in his backyard.

Don's passion for bowhunting has increased in recent years.  Don has harvested a number of Pope and Young animals, including a pronghorn antelope that ranks in the top ten all time in South Dakota.  He has also taken over 50 turkeys with a bow since meeting good friend and now business partner Lance Verhulst.  Together they introduced the original RackPack to the outdoor world and have since introduced WannaBOutdoors and the Stoway BoStix.

Don practices dentistry in Hot Springs, SD.  He also farms near Edgemont, SD with his wife, Rebecca and two sons, Thomas and Carl.



Dustin Arndt

Dustin has been bow hunting for over ten years, and has harvested countless Deer and Turkey with his bow. About five years ago Dustin got his hands on a camera and has been hooked ever since, he never goes in the woods anymore without the camera rolling. Dustin resides in the Black Hills of South Dakota where there are countless hunting and filming opportunities for Deer, Elk, Turkey, and Antelope.

Lance_Verhulst.jpg  Lance Verhulst

Sean Callanan

Although most widely known as an IBO Traditional World Champion, Sean's well documented accuracy is pointed at game animals. after all, he is first and foremost - a bowhunter.

Sean hunts (and has hunted) the remote wilderness of the Adirondacks and Canadian outback to the pressured woods of New England.

Wherever his hunting takes him, he takes the Magnus Buzzcut. He relies on them for razor-sharp pass thrus and legendary accuracy he is know for.